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Live the Life, Not A Lie!!!

Is your witness effective for the people closest to you? If it isn’t then it will wind up being ineffective for people who don’t know you! #LiveTheLifeNotALie #KingdomPurpose

He Keeps His Promises!

The first thing God promised the devil was defeat (Genesis 3:15). Now if He is willing to keep His promise with the devil then certainly He will keep His promise to you! #YouHaveTheVictory #CelebrateThePromise

Time For Change Not Reflection

When God gives you the grace to be a new you, but you’re still bragging about being the old you, don’t be surprised if nothing changes for you! #Time4ChangeNotReflection

Keep Working The Plan

Isa 46:2(a) Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way.. When things around you fall apart beloved of God don’t lose heart, because it’s all still in God’s hands and none of this can cancel his plans! #KeepWorkingThePlan

Thank You God For The Plates

God is so good, He will not only ensure that you have the food to eat, but He’ll make sure that you have the plates too!! Today I dare you… Thank Him for the plates too!! #ThankfulForItAll #HappyThanksgiving

Grace Conscious

Bible study tip: The next time you study the Bible don’t be sin conscious be Grace conscious. Sin shows us how bad we are. Grace show us how good He is! Now with that said, “Ain’t He Good!” #ButByGrace

Blessed Like That

Your good is getting better And your better has gotten blessed; So now you are without excuse For letting the devil get you stressed! #BlessedLikeThat

Choose To Be Saved

Me being saved ain’t based on what I did it’s based on who I chose! Did you choose to be saved or are you still trying to be saved? #ChooseJesus