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Any Day

October 10, 2021

A “God” choice is more powerful than a bad devil any day of the week! So you have to power to win, now just everyday, but any day you choose! #AnyDayIWin #EveryDayIWin

The Spirit of Cain – Part 4

October 3, 2021

Cain, while working for the devil, killed his brother.  And he did not turn from darkness because he refused to let his employer go!!Today we don’t have to call him devil… we can simply call him fired!! #EmployedByGod

Forgiveness: Freeing The Jailer

September 24, 2021

Forgiveness is really about freeing yourself more than freeing the other person.Today, forgive those you’ve been keeping in an empty jail.Because they aren’t there, why are you?!#TodayIFreeMe#TodayILeaveItBehind