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A Place Called Here

Jonah ran, David had an affair yet we hope in a place called there! Turn it around & have no fear God can use you in a place called here!

If He Don’t Undo It…

Pro 19:3 When a man’s folly brings his way to ruin, his heart rages against the Lord. If He said don’t do it Why get mad if He won’t undo it

Fall No More!

If the devil tries to guide to wrong do what’s right & also stay strong & just because you fell before Today just choose to fall no more!

Guaranteed Win

If the devil’s spreading fear again lying to you about your end, remind him that you have a friend that guarantees you always win! #IWin

Let God Be God

In heartbreak He’s the Healer in deception the Revealer. Amongst enemies He’s THAT Friend & in destruction the Expected End! #LetGodBeGod

Live Out Your Purpose

If God didn’t believe you’d make it through hell, He wouldn’t have sent you from heaven! You were sent with a purpose! #LiveOutYourPurpose