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Be The One he Loves To Hate

The devil’s biggest fear is that you’re still here! So don’t help him feel better, follow God’s word to the letter! #BeThe1HeLovesToHate

Getting My Fix On

Forgiving others won’t fix them but it will fix me! It helps me get out of my past and into my promise! So today, I’m getting my “Fix” on!

Faith & Following

God won’t drag you & the devil can’t. It’s by faith and following. So who do you have faith in & who are you following? #WithGod

Knowing Him/Knowing How

When Jesus turned water to wine He didn’t tell the servants what He was doing, only what to do. Knowing Him is better than knowing How!

Don’t DQ You!

If you want it all but don’t endure it all, you disqualify yourself for getting it all! Don’t DQ you because the devil can’t KO you!

Them above Him?!

Gal. 1:10… If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. Realize that some want you to serve them above Him!