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The Fixed Fight

Acts 4:27 They did what your power & will had decided beforehand should happen. Today, by His power & will you get to win a “fixed” fight!

Intended Priase

Acts 4:20 for we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard. Your intent wasn’t praise Until you realized how you got raised!

Give Right, Live Right

The ability to give is tied to your giving just like your ability to live is tied to your living! #GiveRightLiveRight – Proverbs 11:24-25

Test Every Spirit

Know who is around when you’re building: Some will say, “We can build this” & others will say, “We can kill this!” #TestEverySpirit

Just Do It Right

Often right ain’t overnight & wrong won’t take as long. But here’s a major discovery, The longest road is the road to recovery! #DoItRight

Light In A Hellhole

Sometimes God has to put light in a Hellhole. So if you’re going through hell know this, “You’re that light & It’s about to get Lit up!”

2017 Father’s Day

A man’s work can last a lifetime, but a Father’s work lasts forever! Thank you Fathers for touching Generations! Happy Father’s Day!!!

Blessing Maintenance

Why complain about the oil change when you prayed for the car! Don’t protest the maintenance when you prayed for the miracle! #MaintainIt

The Life of You

Sometimes you can’t do anything about the lives of others, but at all times you can do something about “the life of you!” #Going4MyBlessing