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Baby Steps

Today, I want to encourage you to keep going, even when you find it hard to do so.  You see, God may have given you a glimpse of where He wants you to be spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, academically, or professionally, but it may seem too distant for you.   The task may be so daunting. …Read More

Watch Over or Sleepover?

Tonight, Lil Eddie is having a birthday sleepover.  I guess now would be a good time to put my fitness to the test.  Last year, I lasted until about 10:30 p.m.; then I turned it over to the hubby and picked back up at about 5:00 a.m.  Well, this year, I believe I am a…Read More

Prayer and Fasting, A Dynamic Duo (follow-up)

Ladies, after I sent out the message, I had a hearty laugh because I realized that Thelma and Louise may not have been a good example to use. At the end of the movie, they drive off a cliff!!!! So where would Thelma be without Louise? Probably not at the bottom of a cliff! Laugh…Read More

Prayer and Fasting, A Dynamic Duo

Yesterday, I tuned into a few minutes of the Dr. Oz Show. During this particular segment, Dr. Oz held a mini-competition between two sisters to see who could identify the two foods when eaten together would produce maximum results—like boosting your mood or slimming the waistline. I believe he referred to them as Food Dynamic…Read More

Your Beauty Treatments (Part Three)

Hi Ladies, We’ve spent two messages on the story of Esther and the twelve months of beauty treatments she was required to submit to before she went before the king. Well, today I want to talk about a part of Esther’s preparation that began long before she arrived at the palace, long before she was…Read More

Your Beauty Treatments (Part Two)

This week, I had to slow down, just a little bit, as my body battled a little bug. But while my body was battling, my spirit was fighting back, too—-and praising—-still drawn to the story of Esther, so we’re going to stay right here and find out more about her beauty treatments. In part one…Read More

Your Beauty Treatments (Part One)

The book of Esther is actually one of my favorite stories in the bible, so the other night when Sister Brown referenced it in her prayer, saying that we have been called “for such a time as this” (4:14), I immediately began meditating on the book again. Here’s what the Holy Spirit revealed. This young…Read More

Wake Up!

Good Morning Ladies, This morning as I was sleeping, I was awakened by two words: “Wake Up!” Although given in a calm tone, the voice was so authoritative that I realized I really needed to get up. As I contemplated what it was the Lord would have me do, it occurred to me that I…Read More

Into Fellowship

Hello Ladies, This morning, as I was flipping through my bible, I came across 1 Corinthians, chapter 1. In verses 4-10, Paul tells the church in Corinth how much he thanks God for the grace given to them by Jesus Christ. You see, Paul had gotten word that these people had been “cutting up.” They…Read More

Location, Location, Location

First of all, I would like to thank all of the ladies who came out last night to support Pastor as he ministered at New Image Christian Center. Looking around and seeing your beautiful, supportive faces meant a lot to me and to him. Also, thank you to everyone else who stood in prayer with…Read More