Get Back Up Again!

Get Back Up Again!

“For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.” – Proverbs 24:16

The ladies of Restored Glory Christian Center have resumed our Get Movin’ workouts, and we are having a blast! In our conversations, many of us have admitted that during our hiatus, we fell off the wagon. In other words we didn’t get off the couch when we know we should have been walking, we didn’t say “no” to that first, second, or even third piece of pie, or we didn’t opt at all for the H20 instead of that tall glass of sweet tea or soda. I could go on?. But here we are again, sweating harder than ever, willing to whip our temples into shape one more time.

What’s taking place with our fitness ministry is just a small snapshot of God’s grace and mercy operating in our lives. You see, He’s always there, forgiving and encouraging us to put the past behind and press toward the mark because through the sacrifice of Jesus, we are the righteous; we are the “just.” And as Proverbs 24:16 tells us, even a “just man falleth.” The difference, however, is that he doesn’t stay down. He “riseth up again.”

So today, don’t let your slips, dips, and trips keep you from pursuing what God has placed inside of you to accomplish. Don’t let the naysayers and the maysayers (they may be for you this week but may not be for you the next week) cause you to defer your dreams. Yes, you might falter, you may stumble, and you may even want to quit, but because the Greater One lives inside of you, say “I am the just,” dust yourself off, and get back up again! You can do this!!

Get Movin,’

Veronica Yon