That Name!

That Name!

That Name!

Psalms 9:10 – “And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.”

Today, we want to share a testimony from a dear friend in Virginia as she recounts an incident that occurred last week during the wrath of Hurricane Ivan.

“I wanted to share—a little story/praise report–Everyday I see the wonders and blessings of God, in all things great and small..I also seek and pray for his protection Everyday…I ask him to cover our family and keep them safe-keep us from hurt, harm and danger… I try to pray this daily–and this past Friday is one day I’m glad I didn’t forget “to have a little talk with Jesus”.

Friday, I was coming home from work, after picking up Myles and Adin–it was raining—nothing unusual–we had been getting rain for days as a result of Ivan…well–about 7 minutes into our ride home–I noticed traffic was coming to an abrupt halt—because of the weather I assumed there was an accident. I slowed down but kept driving–as I approached the area where everyone was stopped–I noticed an ominous black cloud—a cloud like I’ve never seen before—before I knew it—a funnel started to appear—I could not believe what I was seeing—and of course my mind and heart were racing—the ONLY thing I could do was call out to Jesus—(I probably was screaming) I noticed the funnel and I couldn’t really couldn’t do anything. (which is when you really realized–if you haven’t before-that I am NOT in control) I had the boys with me, and I was trying to figure out how I could pull over safely and get low…

I couldn’t–soooo many people were on the side of the road—there just wasn’t room. I had no choice but to keep driving—all while calling on the name of Jesus. Now, I know-you aren’t supposed to try to out drive/run a tornado—but as I was praying–I noticed the cloud was moving away from us and going in the opposite direction. Thank God-not that I wanted anyone else to be in danger but I was glad it was moving away from us. I just want to say, I’ve always believed God can bring you through a storm(and he has brought me through many)—but the “storm” typically is just a term used for whatever you are going through. However—I’m here to say that whatever the storm is—and for me Friday–it was a tornado—God can bring you out-safely. I’m just here wanting to say–you can never take for granted anything—even where you live. I would have never thought I would be in an area [Virginia] where tornados would hit–let alone be close enough to see one.

I don’t think that anymore. As a result, I’ve realized that I need to be a better witness to what God has done and can do. I’ve always praised him and thanked him—and shared with a few about his greatness…But I now know—I’ve got a greater story to tell…and I need to share it with MORE people…”

What a wonderful testimony of the goodness of God but more importantly of the power of His name!!! You see, twenty years ago, there was no Starbucks. Fifty years ago, there was no Microsoft. One hundred years ago, there was no Crest toothpaste. Two hundred years ago, there was no internet. Five hundred years ago, the disease “Aids” did not exist as we know it today. And just six months ago, Hurricane Ivan didn’t even exist. What do all of these things have in common? A Name–regardless of whether it is attached to a storm or a supervisor, a disease or a demon. But God has given to His children a glorious inheritance that is beyond comparison. All you’ve got to do is to know “THAT NAME.” The name above every name! The name that causes drug addicts to get right and demons to take flight. The name that brings the wicked to their knees and makes the devil cry “please.” The name that makes fornicating husbands come back home and forces your enemies to leave you alone.

It doesn’t matter what new disease comes out because THAT NAME which we know will still be above it. It doesn’t matter what new storms form in our lives because we know the name above all names present and to come. To God be the Glory!!!!