Baptism Sign-up


Baptismal Form
  •   Myself
      My Child or Person In My Care
    • No one should be forcing you into being baptized.
    • Getting baptized should be your choice and your choice alone.
    • With Salvation: We accept Jesus’ death, burial & resurrection to accept Him as our Lord and Saviour.
    • With Baptism: We are identified with what He did.
    • We go through the process of what He did to symbolically say the following:
      • As you stand in the water:
        • We Stand as “dead” to the old life and world
      • As you go under the water:
        • We Immerse (Go Under) to signify the burial of the dead person
      • As we come out of the water:
        • We Rise Up (Come out the water) to walk in the newness of life!
    • This is a sign of repentence (turning from my old ways).
    • This will symbolize a new start for me.