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You’re Blessed When?

Here’s a truth that you can’t deny you’re only blessed on the days that end with “Y”! #AllDayEveryDay #BlessedLikeThat

Goodness Up In Here!

When we saw His goodness it wasn’t because we were good it, it’s because He was good! That tells me “We bout to see some good up in here!”

Past Excuses & Into Purpose

You are heaven’s pattern of power & success someone needs to see! So today, step past excuses and step into purpose! #Made4Magnificence

What Is he Due

Someone said, “Give the devil his due”… But the only thing he is due is the bottom of my shoe! #Inhisplace #UnderMyFeet

What’s Speaking

Compared to our actions words are just a fraction. It’s the truth others are seeking, so let our lives & not just our lips do the speaking.

The Greatest Miracle

The greatest miracle is not getting a win over the devil, but living in victory over the devil & you were created for such a victory! #UWin

Due Season Is Now

When what God spoke Catches up with what you’re going through You can’t call it a miracle Because it’s simply what’s due! #DueSeasonIsNow

Live In The Image

God took the time to make us in His image, the least we can do is take the time to look like Him! #LiveInTheImage