You've Got Two "A's" & One On The Way

You've Got Two "A's" & One On The Way

For the test that you’re going through right now let me remind you that you’ve already gotten two A’s in the class.

First you’re (A)nointed by God to remove burdens and destroy problems.  So your problem can’t take you out,  because it’s your job to take it out!

Secondly,  you have an (A)ssignment by God to do something on this earth that no one else can do. Therefore, He will empower you and equip you along the journey to ensure that you pass!

The only thing you have to do is trust Him and not quit.

And because of these two “A’s” this tells me that your final “A” for the class is on the way and that is this….

Everything… And I mean “Er’Thang” is going to be…. (A)lright!!!