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April, 2022

God Blessed Me On An Airplane

April 11, 2022

Met this wonderful brother on a flight to Virginia. He shared his faith & funny stories and made the flight a blessing. This assigned meeting reminded me that God never runs out of ways to encourage us and get encouragement to us! #GodBlessedMeOnAnAirPlane

They Want It Just Like You

April 5, 2022

Matt 7:12 In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you… If you cut someone off in traffic, were in a business deal, or just out for a walk, how would you want to be treated? Remember that others want kindness & grace to same…

The World Needs You

April 1, 2022

I called Pastor Bobbie Donaldson to wish her a happy birthday and the Woman of God wound up making my day happy! She spoke life into me! Moral: Be what God made you to be and not what the enemy wants you to be because this world needs the real…