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You Will Make It

December 7, 2023

Detour might try to turn you around, Adversity might try to get you down, Delay might try to make you forsake it, But God’s promise says you’re guaranteed to make it!  #YouGotThis#HesGotYou#YouWillMakeIt

Alright In The Storm

July 12, 2023

When everything around you is chaoticAnd you feel that you, “just ain’t got it!”But in the midst of it God says this, “stand still”He’s out to prove to you that He’s really real! Don’t ever believe you’ll be hurt or harmed,Or that you’ll never see the end of the storm.And…

Unbothered & never Unblessed

June 23, 2023

What bothers bothered people the most is when they realize they can’t bother you! Now here’s the key to being “unbothered”… It’s fully realizing that you can never be “unblessed!” In sum, you’re blessed by the best, so don’t be bothered by the rest! #BlessedLikeThat