Restored Glory Christian Center

Let the Word of God restore your Glory!

Sent For Greater Doors

March 15, 2023

God didn’t send you here to cry in front of closed doors. He sent you here to walk through better ones!!! Whatever didn’t work out, didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean He’s not working on greater for your good!!! Greater is on the way!!!

It’s Your Dream

February 24, 2023

Today, stir up the dream within in you that sets you apart, Rekindle the fire within and pursue what God’s placed in your heart! And let no one discourage you because they see it as a common thing, Because what God has place within you is special and that’s why…

Get Unbusy

February 15, 2023

While back home, this dear lady called me over. She dropped so much heaven on me & this as well, “You can’t be in the wrong place on your knees!” Imagine what I would have missed if I were too busy to listen. God is always speaking” so get ‘unbusy’…