Breaking The Spirit of Misery

December 13, 1999

Breaking The Spirit of Misery – Part V

Self Inflicted Curses

Proverbs 16:24 – Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and
health to the bones.

All of us want to be blessed, or at least I hope that we do. Yet, to be
blessed we often have to fight through one thing that keeps us from being
blessed: curses. Some of these curses are generational, others are from our
enemies, and some are even from ourselves. Believe it or not, we sometimes
curse ourselves and don’t even realize it. The biggest culprit of this crime is
usually our own mouths.

I’ll give you an example. The last time you caught a cold, what was the
first thing that you said…. "I think I’m coming down with a cold"
or "Man, I’m coming down with a cold." After this what happened next?
You started feeling bad and guess what, you advertised how bad you felt by
saying, "I really don’t feel well" or "I’m really starting to
feel awful." Soon after that, you were the proud recipient of a cold and
in other cases a headache, migraine or whatever else you decided to call upon
your body. And to top it all off you said, "Boy, I feel miserable!!"

Right now, I’m about to share something with you that will astound you.
Ready…. Here it is. GOD DESIGNED THE SYSTEM FOR YOU TO WIN!!!! What does this
mean? Well, it means that He designed the system so that you can call forth
your victory. I’m going to show you this by going to another scripture first,
and then we will hit our scripture for the week.

In 1 Peter 3:10 we are told, "For he that will love life, and see good
days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no
guile (deceit)." Now if you want to love life and see good days, don’t
speak deceit. What is deceit? The dictionary defines it as "a trick."
Hmmmm…. So in other words, the body of Christ has been tricked all these
years into saying such things like, "I don’t feel good," or
"I’ll always be broke and never get ahead financially" or "I’ll
always be in debt" or "These children will never amount to anything."
Instead of speaking the truth and standing on the covenant, we have been
speaking deceit.

Again, God designed the system for you to win. Our scripture tells us,
"Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the
bones" (Proverbs 16:24). Wait a minute!!!! WORDS AFFECT OUR BONES??!! OUR
PHYSICAL MAN??!! Yes!! As a matter of fact, the last time someone paid you a
complement what happened? YOU FELT GOOD!!! Depending on who it was, you
probably felt REALLLLLLL GOOOOOOOD!! For that moment in time, every ache you
had stopped aching and every hurt you had stopped hurting — all because of
words that did what?  Affect your bones. The same holds true with the
words we speak to ourselves and over ourselves.

Also let’s look at Proverbs 15:4, "(a) A wholesome tongue is a tree of
life: (b) but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit." Let’s break
this scripture down and see where it takes us.

(a) The amplified bible translates the first half of this text as follows:
"A gentle tongue with its healing power is the tree of life." Now
this is the question you should be asking, "You mean to say Brother Yon,
my tongue has healing power?" Yes, that’s exactly what’s in your mouth.
You have the power to heal your fear, sickness and misery if you would just
speak God’s truth over the matter instead of speaking the deceit.

(b) The next part of our scripture says, "but perverseness therein is a
breach in the spirit." The word perverse means to deviate from what is
right. Now here is my question, "Is it right for you to speak sickness and
misery over yourselves?" Of course it’s not. That’s why we are told that
that type of behavior is a breach in the spirit. In other words, it’s an
opening that should not be there. And as soon as that opening occurs it becomes
like an open wound to bacteria and germs. That’s why you can’t speak curses
over yourself. If you do, then the enemy has an opening to penetrate and drop
all types of garbage into your spirit man, and we don’t need our spirit man
filled with garbage. We need to keep him/her filled with God so that we can
pray from the overflow of God and live in the overflow of God.

Now I know that there are some of you saying, "Brother Yon, this really
can’t work. I can’t just say things and make things happen. If that were true I
would have done it years ago." My reply, "Well maybe you should have
done it years ago! Because if you would have spoken them years ago, you’d
probably be knee deep in manifestations today – I surely wish that I had."
I personally am not going to limit God and say, "Well you can’t say it
today and have it happen today" because it could very well happen just
that fast!

We are about to experience that type of move from God and it is coming
sooner than soon!! We are going to see God’s anointing hit this earth so
strongly that the Holy Spirit will tell you, "Call those things that be
not as though they were," and when you do, manifestations will occur. So
start speaking those words that are sweet to your soul and health to your
bones. You don’t have to call for healing while you’re on your sick bed. Call
it now so you won’t see a sick bed. Remember what we shared from last
Thursday’s tidbit (The Harvest Is Coming) – God always had the solution, even
before the problem, so tap into the solution and start speaking it – the truth.

The Truth:

I walk in the divine favor, love and protection of God. He loved me so much
that He sent His only Son to die for me. And while dying for me, His Son Jesus
shed His precious and holy blood so that I may be healed from all sickness and
disease. So this day, I proclaim my right to divine healing from all
infirmities. I will no longer speak the lies of the enemy over my life; instead
I speak the truths of God. I call forth my happiness, my joy, my peace, my
prosperity and my wellness, both spiritually and physically. I call forth
blessings upon my family and proclaim that loved ones who are not saved will
enter into the salvation of Jesus. I call forth freedom for loved ones who are
in bondage to drugs or alcohol, and I proclaim that they walk in the fear of
the Lord. From this day forth I no longer walk in the shadows of darkness.
Instead, I live in the overflow of God, I walk in the overflow of God, and I
pray in the overflow of God. I refuse to give up my new birthright because I’ve
been born into the kingdom of God and I am of royal lineage. I am a child of
the Most High King. I cast down that which is beneath me and refuse to walk in
the lies of the enemy. These things I bind by Jesus Christ, the High Priest of
my profession and confession. Amen.