Deliverance From Fear

February 15, 2008

Deliverance From Fear

Psalm 112:7 “He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD.”

A few weeks ago, I began to have problems starting up one of our vehicles. Sometimes it would start, and other times it would not. However, during the times that it would not, all I would need to do is get a “jump start” from another vehicle.

Based on this scenario, I believed there was a problem with my battery. Therefore, what I had to do was take the battery back to where I purchased it and get another. Yet, there was one catch: finding my receipt. I knew that once I found it, there would be no problem because I could prove I had also purchased a 36-month warranty.

Once I found the receipt, I headed to the auto parts store with full confidence because I was covered. The warranty clearly indicated that if the battery died, I could get a new one – – – just like that! I didn’t have to fear the sales person telling me, “your battery is no good” because I was covered by the warranty. What a blessing!

From our text, we basically see the same scenario. This scripture tells us that “He [ the blessed man that fears the LORD, who delights greatly in his commandments (1st verse)]; will not be afraid of any evil tidings.” In other words, one of the keys to walking in the blessings of God is not being afraid of potentially bad news to come. Why? Because you are covered by the LORD! Let me go into detail.

Do you know that the most people fear the things they probably will never see. They fear the car accident they will never get into or the premature death of a loved one that will never happen. Basically, if you are fearing something that you will never see, then you are really fearing fear itself. And yet, the bible tells us, God has the capability and compassion to deliver us from all our fears (Psalms 34:4) through our doing these two things: (1) fixing our hearts on the Lord and (2) trusting Him.

By fixing our hearts on the Lord, we “make Him big.” This is what Christians call “magnifying the Lord.” By focusing on Him, we focus on the Problem Solver and not the problem. Because if we look at the problem, it will get bigger and bigger and will eventually be “made” so big as to bring the belief that it’s now unsolvable. But as we focus on God, we begin to realize that if He (LORD) could make the heavens and the earth, then surely He can deal with this little problem. Once you know that God can deal with the problem, you can now trust Him to take care of the problem.

The reason the “blessed” man/woman gets to walk in, taste, see, smell and touch the manifestation of the blessing while others only hope to get it is because the blessed aren’t afraid of that “evil report” that might come or never will come. They are not afraid that business license won’t go through. They are not afraid that the college won’t accept them. They are not afraid that they won’t get hired. They aren’t even afraid of being rejected for a lunch date—- because they know one thing: that their provision and blessing come from the LORD Himself, and that alone is reason enough to never ever fear anything.