God Style Results!

March 16, 2007

God Style Results!
Deuteronomy 32:4 “He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of
truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.”

Have you ever done something right, only to feel utterly foolish or used? Maybe you stayed faithful to someone you dated who wasn’t very faithful to you. Maybe you stayed diligent over the job you had, all to find out you really weren’t appreciated after all. Maybe you served in an organization where noone ever said, “thank you.” No matter where and no matter when you may have felt mistreated, you were still held accountable to do things one way – – – “God’s way!”

This weeks word tells us that God’s “work is perfect.” In other words, his end result, his outcome is perfect. Just like we hope to find the perfect gift at Christmas, we should seek the perfect outcome in every situation. So how do we get the perfect outcome? Well, let’s look at how God’s outcome is always perfect.

The text states, “[H]is work is perfect, for all his ways are judgement.” In other words, God always get the perfect outcome because of the way He does things. You see, He doesn’t do things in a slothful, half-hearted, and mediocre manner. Oh no! His ways are the “judgement,” the high-watermark, the way to be modeled after, the right way, the only way. To simplify this, we could say, “The God Way.” Therefore, He does things the “God Way,” and He gets the “God Results!” However, here’s the sad part.

Quite often, God will give us a prompting or an urging to do things in an “over the top” manner. He may tells us to take an old way of doing something and jazz it up, pizzazz it up, take it over the top. But we might say, “Oh, it really doesn’t take all of that. I’ll just throw something together.” Unfortunately, in that instance, we forget all the prayers we’ve prayed for a supernatural promotion. We fail to realize that God is trying to seize an opportunity to put His super on our natural to get that promotion we’ve been praying for —the God Style Results!

My friend, even if you’ve been used in a relationship, unappreciated on an job, or unnoticed in an organization, the key to getting the results you really want is not doing things your way; the key is doing things God’s way. Will it way make sense to you? Sometimes it will, and other times it won’t. But what we do know is that His way works all the time. So do things God’s way and get the God Style Results!