Have It HIS Way

February 28, 2000

Have It HIS Way!!

Study Text: Proverbs 20:24- "Man’s goings are of the LORD; how can a man then
understand his own way?"

Here’s a really simple question for you. Whose slogan is this? "Have it your
way." Many of you "burger" experts know that this is Burger King’s
slogan. Well, one day I found out just how true their slogan is. I was in a BK
drive-through with a friend who placed his order before me. After he told the cashier the
toppings he wanted, he said, "Oooohh Yeah…. And cut it (the hamburger) in

I looked at him with amazement and said, "They can do that?" He said,
"Yeaaaaaah…. This is BK. Have it your way!" I then placed my order and said,
"I’ll have a Whopper with mustard, mayo, pickle and lettuce……….. And cut
it in half." After I got my burger, you would have thought I had discovered a cure
for the common cold. Ever since then, whenever I go to BK, I exercise that liberty;
however, one day I had a problem.

I was out at lunch and decided that I wanted "some BK." During this visit, I
decided to walk in rather than go through the drive-through. I confidently went up to the
counter, placed my order, and said, "I would like that cut in half." Well this
day, the friendly counter person decided to get smart with me and said jokingly, "We
can’t do that!" I replied, "Ooooh yes you can do that. This ain’t
McDonald’s; it’s Burger King, and I can have it my way. With that at-tude, you
gonna find yourself making Big Macs." After that the manager broke into laughter
along with the staff members who overheard what I had said. To make things even funnier, a
customer walked in right after all of this happened, so the cashier said to him,
"Welcome to Burger King WHERE YOU CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY!! May I take your order?"
Again, we all broke into laughter, and I followed up by saying, "Yeaaaaah… That’s
the way it’s supposed to be!"

What I hope you gathered from this story is that once I knew what was available, I knew
what I SHOULD and could have. Even when I was told I could not have what I was entitled
to, I knew what was rightfully mine. Now what was the one thing that kept me from getting
my burger cut in half before all of this? NOT KNOWING!!! If I had known this service was
available, I would have had it a long time ago.

Now I’m going to warn you that I’m about to ask a silly question with a
serious spiritual connotation. "Is your burger cut in half?" Yes, I know that
you think I’ve lost it, but I want us to meditate on this one for a while. "Is
your burger cut in half?" What do I mean by that? —– "Are you getting
everything God has for you?" I am talking about every good and perfect gift from God.
Unfortunately, we are not there yet, but I know many of us are on our way. How do we get
there? Well, the first step is for us to go from NOT KNOWING to KNOWING!!!

Our scripture states, "Man’s goings are of the LORD; how can a man then understand
his own way?" The first thing we need to know is that the Lord has a destiny for us.
Unfortunately, we don’t make it to the destiny because we believe we know everything
when we really don’t know all there is to know. But there is a place where we can go
to help us find out where the Lord wants us to be, and that’s in His Word. If we
never go, we will never know. We will never know that we can call the salvation of a loved
one into being. We will never know that we can speak to our mountains and have them cast
into the sea. We will never even know that we can have the windows of heaven opened for us
on demand.

The reason we stay in the wilderness is because we get stuck on the "my way"
and never get on the "high-way" of the Lord. Many of God’s children believe
that they have to live under certain strongholds, all because they just DON’T KNOW
that there is deliverance. It’s best that we stop thinking and hoping, and start
knowing what the Lord has for us. He ordered us Joy when the devil gave us jealousy. He
ordered us Peace when we took satan’s persecution. He ordered us Hope when we
preferred hopelessness. He ordered us Blessings, but we substituted them with burdens. Let’s
take time to learn God’s way of operating. Believe me, His Way is much better than