July 16, 2004


Malachi 3:3 – And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver…

There is a place I call “Hay-Yole!!!” It’s a place like no other. It’s a place where you believe there is no way out, and if you think there is a way out it’s normally blocked. It’s not just Hell; it’s “Hay-Yole” – – – Hell amplified! (Hopefully, this brings some clarity to the picture).

Hay-Yole is the most difficult part of the journey. It’s the place where you are most likely to give up and where some don’t make it past. Yet, it is where you are made into what you are called to be. Yes, beloved of God; it is the “hottest” part of the battle. The place where you are most likely to get injured, talked about, left behind, left for dead, or stabbed in the back. But believe it or not, God is going to turn you into what He wants you to be right there. Our text says that the Lord will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver. What does that mean? To better understand it, let me briefly explain the silver purification process.

The refiner, the person purifying the silver, has to take the silver and burn away the impurities of the silver. First the refiner lets the silver “heat-up.” But the refiner doesn’t let the silver heat-up on the edge of the fire. The silver must be placed in the hottest part of the fire – – – smack dab in the middle of the fire. This is where the fire burns at its hottest and where the purification must take place to burn off the impurities and to make the silver what it needs to be.

It’s no wonder that some of you are/were in the places of employment you occupied. It should be no surprise that you were born into the families you were born in. It’s no miracle you grew up in the neighborhood you grew up in. Because right there, God had and has a plan for you. It’s in that very place, the hot spot, where God brings His glory out of us. If you don’t believe me, let’s go back to the refining process and see why.

Our text says that He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver. Now during this process, the refiner must keep a constant watch on the silver as it is being purified. This tells me two things. First, this tells me that the refiner is constantly watching, and secondly this tells me that he is constantly close. If the refiner does not keep an eye on the silver, it will be destroyed; therefore, he must keep a close watch on the silver, still keeping it in the hottest part of the fire, ensuring that it comes forth as he desires, all the while being only an arm’s length away.

Now, here’s a question I must throw in. What if the silver had feelings? What would it say? It would probably say, “It’s too hot; get me out of here,” “I can’t handle it; please pull me out now,” “This should be good enough; haven’t I been in long enough” or “Please…. just let me be something else.” Of course the silver does not have feelings, but we certainly do. It’s at these points where we just want out. We don’t care what the finished product is; we just want to be comfortable again. We just want it to stop hurting. It doesn’t matter anymore if God be glorified; we just want to get out of the heat. But beloved, it’s not time to come out just yet. It’s coming soon, but it’s not time yet. Why you ask? Haven’t I suffered enough, you say? Haven’t I been uncomfortable enough? Haven’t I been in long enough? Quite honestly, I can’t answer those questions – – – only God, the Refiner, can.

There is a time that you will come out of what you are in, just as the silver comes out of its “Hay-Yole.” As the refiner keeps an eye on the silver for the “right time,” God keeps His eye on you, knowing exactly when to bring you out. Too much time spent in the fire will destroy you, and He definitely does not want that to happen. Too little time spent in the fire will not complete the process of refinement. You see, the Refiner pulls the silver out when and only when He sees HIS IMAGE in the silver. It is at the right moment, when the impurities are gone and His image is revealed, that the silver is taken out.

So today, the word from heaven for you is that you are not in “Hay-Yole” forever. You are only in it for “His Image” to be revealed and made manifest in your life.