His Will or Your So-Called Win

September 16, 1999

His Will or Your "So-Called Wins"

Matthew 6:10 – " Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done
in earth, as it is in heaven."

One thing I truly enjoy is college football. This weekend, as I watched two
teams play, I found myself cheering fiercely for the losing team. You see, I
wanted them to win, so I was really pleased when they made somewhat of a
comeback. However in the midst of my enthusiasm, the Lord posed a question:
"You don’t like MY team?"

I then replied with honesty, "Not really."

He then said, "Well that is too bad. My hand of favor is upon MY team
and they shall win."

Now here’s where I decided NOT to operate in wisdom. After knowing the team
I had been cheering for would not and could not win, I chose to keep cheering
for them anyway. Even though the Lord blessed me so tremendously by letting me
know who would win, I didn’t want that. I simply wanted my team to win.

Our text, a portion of the Lord’s prayer, states "THY (not my) will be
done in earth (that includes football games) as it is in heaven." If we
really love God then we will learn to love His will. We will learn that God
blesses whomsoever He desires to bless. So instead of getting jealous, envious,
or spiteful we should thank God for those manifestations. We should praise God
with a triumphant shout because if God delivers our brother and sister, that is
merely confirmation that He will also deliver us.

Too often we allow our bad attitudes to prevent us from receiving our
blessings and from experiencing the moves of God. For some of us, we are
missing out on the blessings of God because we want to hold on to our little
sins…. I meant wins!! We want to hold on to our little idols and stand
triumphant with a do nothing, be nothing, worth nothing trophy that says,
"I won – and did it my way!" But if you keep this mentality, the only
reward you will receive is "The Most Humbling Situation I’ve Ever
Experienced" Award.

Now for all you die-hard football fans, this message isn’t telling you to
stop cheering for your favorite team. Instead, it is advising you (really all
of us) to get your (our) priorities straight. Sure, you can cheer for Utah Tech
all you want to, but if the Lord tells you Wisconsin is going to win, it’s best
you start singing, "On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, Fight, Fight, Fight,
Fight, Fight" because it’s all about God’s will.

If you know God’s will is for you to give up tobacco, give it up! If you’ve
always had a taste for a little something, something that’s not kool-aid and
find yourself running to ABC Liquors, give it up! If you feel that it’s alright
to continue to practice those "little" secret sins, you’d better give
them up! Let your "so-called wins" go and grab hold of God’s will.
Remember, He not only controls the winds (like Hurricane Floyd) but also the