It's Seed Time

May 18, 2007

It’s Seed Time

Genesis 8:22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and
summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

After working on the message for about three hours the Lord spoke to me and this is what He said, "Do you want to know why you are struggling with this message?" I knew why, but I just waited on the answer, and this was it: "The message you’ve been working on is not the one I want to go out." I mean, I had jumped all around the existing series. I had put together parts to the conclusion and parts to a few scheduled for next week, but through all of this the Lord said, "I want to talk to my people."

So This Is What The Lord Says:

"Many of you are wondering, ‘When will my break through come? When will my harvest come? Has God forgotten about me?’ But I, the Lord, tell you today that I have not forgotten you. I know every desire and every need. Yet, you still wonder, ‘Why hasn’t my break through come?’ Simply because you have not thanked me for your deliverance! If you show me your faith by thanking me in advance, then I will bring to pass what you were thankful for. If you tithe off the salary that you want and not the salary that you have, you will have that salary. That which I have told you to do was not without purpose. It was to get you where I desire you to be. Yet, if you do not move on faith, then NO MOVE will occur. You have the ability to bind the forces of hell, and instead you bind my spirit from moving in your life. I have everything you desire, but you treat me as though I want to hoard it up for myself!!! This is your inheritance and it is what I have for you and not for myself. My delight is in giving you the desires of your heart and I love you enough to do so, but I can not if you fail to be obedient. Your time has come to move. Your harvest is in your hands, but you have to plant it in faith for it to grow!!"

One day, the Lord really spoke to me. During my lunch hour he told me to get twenty dollars of canned goods and drop them off on a particular door step. This was my opportunity for seed time, but I didn’t know that at the time. Well, after I got back to work, I received a call from a person who wanted me to come by his home that night and look at his computer. I went by, but I did not get a chance to finish the job because after about thirty minutes the client had to leave. However, he apologized and said, "Let me give you something for your trouble;" he gave me forty dollars. In one day, I received a harvest on my seed!! Then the client even said, "we will schedule a time for you to come back, and I will pay you for that as well."

Now as I type this, the Lord is telling me, "It’s seed time." If you are in need of healing, honey, start praising God for your healing because that’s your seed. If you have a child who has had difficulty in areas of his/her life, start thanking God for bringing him/her out — that’s your seed. One Sunday at church, our pastor spoke these words from the Lord: "If you need hundreds plant dollars, If you needs
thousands, plant hundreds… If you need millions, plant thousands." It’s time to move. This weekend, someone missed his/her harvest. The Lord says to you, "I told you to plant one hundred dollars and you did not. You missed your harvest." What we have got to understand is when the anointing of God is on, we’ve got to move.

It’s seed time. Don’t look at what you are giving up, look at what you have to gain. Stop believing that you are not going to get a harvest – your harvest is at hand or should we say, in your hands. It’s time for you to plant where God told you to plant so that your harvest will not only come, but come quickly.