One Time

April 12, 1999

One Time

Study Text: John 10:10 – "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and
to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they
might have it more abundantly."

A few years ago on the west coast, young people had a nickname for the
police: "One time." Basically the philosophy behind this phrase was
that it took only "one time"— one time to get you if you messed up
one time. Similarly in this week’s study text, we look at the power of the
"One Time" that our Savior went to the cross and died for our sins.

Our text tells us that the thief cometh (continually comes) only to steal,
kill and destroy. Now when I was about twelve, a thief broke into our house.
Not only did he steal personal items, but he also stole something that would
guarantee that he could come back whenever he wanted to — a key! Now when a
thief has a key to your house, you are bound to be missing a few things–let’s
say–EVERY DAY! And yes, we were missing things daily. You would have thought
this young man had won a shopping spree at Macy’s with all the times he
"hit" us. He stole money, toys, and other things of value. It even
got to the point where the brother stole my underwear. I really struggled with
this one for years… my used underwear!!!

Well, in our text, the thief is the enemy. And yes, it is his passion to
steal, kill and destroy. Now remember, I was still struggling with the
underwear thing, but after meditating on this scripture the Lord said to me,
"The thief steals because he can. If you give him a key, he will
steal." So the guy who broke into our house stole the underwear and made
repeated trips back simply because he could. And the enemy is the same way. If
you allow hatred, envy, greed, lust, etc. to fester in your spirit, then you’ve
given him the key to your abundant life.

But check out the power of "One Time!": Jesus said, "But I
come so that they might have life, and that they might have it more
abundantly." Now look at it closely. The thief, to get his satisfaction,
has to cometh (constantly come), but Jesus said, "I come" ONE TIME!

You see the power of the cross was a one time payment!!!!! Jesus is telling
us that by the power of "ONE TIME" we don’t have to be depressed. By the
power of "ONE TIME" we don’t have to be in want or need. By the power
of "ONE TIME" we don’t have to be bound to anything but Him. By the
power of "ONE TIME" we can have Life and have it Abundantly! So the
next time the enemy tries to steal, kill and destroy, tell him, "You don’t
have my key; Jesus does! By His blood, ONE TIME, He released me from all of
your demonic works, so STEP OFF!" Yes saints, get your Praise groove on
because ONE TIME paid for your prosperity. Claim it, enjoy it, live it and bask
in it because it’s yours, and IT HAS BEEN PAID FOR IN FULL!!!