Our Peace

August 3, 2007

Our Peace

Ephesians 2:14 “For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us.”

About two months ago, my truck engine “threw a rod.” In so many words, I would have to tell you that my truck “died!” It wouldn’t crank, turn over, start, or do anything. It was just dead.

Now, in it’s dead state, like all dead things, it could not move. Before it died, it moved – – very well! It could take me where I needed to go. It could carry things I needed to carry. But once dead, it really was of no use to me. Therefore, I had to get it fixed and back on the road. I had to get it up and running. I needed it alive!

Now even though Jesus died on the cross, I need to reiterate something – – – He Is Alive!!! He’s not dead! He Is Alive! And based on this truth, I want to share something else with you. He is our peace. He not only brings peace, facilitates peace, and ensures that we have peace, but He is our peace as well. And yes, our Peace is alive!

Now, what do I mean by our peace being alive? Well, it comes down to the truth that we are in Him now. He is our owner, our keeper, and our Lord. We no longer belong to the enemy to be done with as he sees fit. Instead, we are in the perfect and loving care of the Lord God Himself. That’s why He is our peace. We don’t have to worry or be in a hurry because He is alive and taking care of us. We don’t have to compromise our values or cave in to pressure because He is alive and taking care of us.

Jesus Christ, our Peace, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, is alive and well and has all authority over hell. So no matter what we are going through, we need to be reassured that ultimately we are in His care. We don’t have to sweat it, fret it, or regret it because He is our Peace and our Peace is alive!!