Run Your Own Race

January 5, 2011


Tuesday Night Taebo was off the chain! When I got home, I even chased the boys around the house and tackled a load of clothes. And then, I slept like a baby. I’m talking deeeeeep sleep to the point that I had even forgotten about everything that happened and everything I needed to do the next day. Oh, but this morning, when I slowly rolled out of bed, I was reminded of those kicks, punches, stretches, and lifts. Ooooh, I was sore, but guess what? When I thought back on all the fun we had, I was also inspired. You see, we could have been home on our couches watching TV or doing something else that didn’t require movement, but we chose to come together in Christian fellowship and get our bodies “fit for the king!”

Ecclesiastes 9:11 tells us that “the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong…but time and chance happeneth to them all.” You know what that tells me? That we shouldn’t spend time comparing ourselves to other people. We have our own race to run. It doesn’t matter the pace. You could be moving more slowly than someone else, like the tortoise in that story where he races the hare, but as long as you are steady, as long as you are consistent over “time,” you will see the results. You will receive your reward.

So don’t let the pain stop you, and don’t waste time comparing yourself to other people. Be proud of yourself because you did something that you may not have done otherwise. You got movin’.

Thank you so much Sister Tiwana for stepping out on the vision God gave you for a women’s fitness and fellowship ministry. The pace may have been slow. I know there may have been nights when you were there all by yourself, but look at what the Lord has done! Let’s all be encouraged not to look to the left or to the right, but to look straight ahead toward Jesus “the author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2), and run your own race!
Until next time, let’s get movin!

Veronica Yon