The Redeemer & His Responsibility

March 25, 2005

The Redeemer & His Responsibility

Isaiah 48:17 “Thus saith the LORD, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.”

At Easter time, it seems as though the word “Redeemer” is used more often to refer to Christ than any other time of the year. Well, have you ever asked yourself, “What is a redeemer?” The first thing that may come to mind is a purchaser, a buyer, or a claimant. All of these meanings are correct; however, the Hebrew definition of the word ‘goel,’ which also means redeemer, gives us more insight as to what a redeemer is.

By definition, the word ‘goel’ is one charged with the duty of restoring the rights of another. In other words, a redeemer is not just supposed to “buy you back;” he/she also has the responsibility of “bringing you back.” He is supposed to get you back to the status that you used to have. He is supposed to get you back the glory that you once had. And on top of this, he is supposed to help you get the “stuff” that you never had. Honey, we are not talking about a slave owner; we are talking about a redeemer!

You see, a slave owner’s only concern is “How can you serve me?” But a redeemer’s desire is to know “How can I serve you?” The Redeemer wants to know “What’s missing in your life? What’s lacking in your life? What’s broken in your life? What can I fix in your life?” And whatever it is that is missing, lacking, broken, or busted, the Redeemer is ready, willing, and able to fix it. Therefore, it should be no surprise that our text states, “I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit.”

You can start kissing unsuccessful plans goodbye because you have a Redeemer willing to show you how to profit in every area of your life. We are not simply referring to the “spiritual blessings” but also the physical manifestations of those blessings as well. The Redeemer just can’t leave you restored “invisibly” with spiritual blessings. Oh No! He’s got to bring you some tangible, touchable things that will let you and others know that you have been redeemed! You don’t just get purchased by the King of Kings; you get positioned by Him as well. Now if this (excuse my English) ain’t enough, it gets better. Because He has purchased you and positioned you ( placed you in right standing with Himself), He can point you in the direction you need to go. Let’s look at the remainder of this text.

Isaiah 48:17b “I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.”

Because it is the Redeemer’s job to restore you, it is also His job to go before you. It’s the Redeemer’s job to lead you out of bad situations and circumstances. It’s the Redeemer’s job to ensure that you have everything you need to get out of what you are in. Why? Because this is what the Redeemer does. It’s the Redeemer’s purpose and passion to deliver God’s children out of the hopeless, the hell-filled, and the humiliating circumstances that seem to have no end.

So let me leave you with this question: “Do you have a Redeemer who can get you out of what you are in?” I know you have people helping you in your current situation, but if the truth be told, you don’t need help “in” what you’re in. You need someone to help you “out” of what you’re in.

If you don’t have that type of help, then there is no better time to get to know “The Redeemer” who can not only save your soul but also save your life; the Redeemer who can teach you to profit spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even financially; the Redeemer who is able to do the exceeding, the abundant, the above all you can ask or think; but most of all, the Redeemer who cared enough to give His all just so you can have it all.

Yes beloved, the Redeemer, upon carrying out the plan for our restoration, said, “It is finished,” bowed His head, and then (as I have heard it so eloquently put) “died for crimes He did not commit so we could have a life we could never afford!”—all because He was committed to His responsibility: you and me!