The Tithe – Key To A Miracle

April 26, 1999

The Tithe: A Key To A Miracle

Study Text – 2 Kings 4:42 – 44 "And there came a man from
Baal-shalisha, and brought the man of God bread of the firstfruits, twenty
loaves of barley, and full ears of corn in the husk thereof. And he said, Give
unto the people, that they may eat. And his servitor said, What, should I set
this before an hundred men? He said again, Give the people, that they may eat:
for thus saith the LORD, They shall eat, and shall leave thereof. So he set it
before them, and they did eat, and left thereof, according to the word of the

Within the last few months many of us experienced the whole tax ordeal. Some
of us paid and some of us received. But for me & Veronica it was a
different story. Typically, we never keep a running total of what we pay in tithes
and offerings, so when tax time comes we finally find out how much we’ve given.
However, this year we discovered more than just the total of what we paid; we
discovered a miracle.

As we go through the Bible we can see that the tithe has many purposes. In
this week’s text we see that there was a man from Baal-shalisha who brought his
tithe to Elisha. He brought twenty loaves of barley and a few ears of
corn.  Notice that the loaves of bread weren’t made with just any old
grain.  They were "baked from the first ripe grain"
(42nd–NIV);  they were "of the firstfruits" (42nd–KJV). 
In other words, not only did this man give, but he gave off the top of
everything he had harvested.  Elisha then told his servants to give the
food to the multitude so that they may eat (42nd).

Elisha’s servant asked him, "What, should I set this before an hundred
men?"(43rd) In other words, his servant was saying, "Look man, you
know this ain’t enough to feed these guys. What do you want me to do? Look like
I’m stupid?" But Elisha had faith that God would show up and show out!!
Elisha told the servant that not only would they eat but they would have some
left over. After hearing those words, the servant gave the food to the
multitude and they ate. And as Elisha told him, they had food left over.

So what’s the big message here? For God to perform a miracle (in this
situation), part of that "first fruit" was needed. Someone gave of
their "first fruit" and God performed the miracle. Now what was the
miracle that occurred with me and Veronica. Well, as we discovered what we had
tithed last year (off the top of everything, too), we focused on this year. We
looked at our salaries from last year; then we looked at the tithes we paid.
Then the Lord led us to look at our salaries this year.

First, I have to go back about two years ago. During the summer of ‘97, I
was working for a small private company in Indiana that went bankrupt. Veronica
was on a 9-month pay scale, so during the summer our only planned income was
mine. Well, after the company went bankrupt on June 15, we had no work income.
All we had was a rental property which wasn’t bringing in much, but we did
tithe off of that. Now, how we made it on that small, small amount I
mathematically couldn’t tell you, but spiritually I can tell you God was
performing a miracle. After we made it through the summer, Veronica’s work
income (which is also a miracle from God) began to kick in. Then during the
fall, I was blessed with a full time job.

So now we were both blessed with work incomes, and we were still faithfully
tithing. However, we weren’t really happy in Indiana. We wanted to come back
home to Florida. Well, the Lord looked into our hearts and blessed both of us
with jobs back home. Both jobs were BRAND NEW positions. Not only that, but the
increases we received together were close to FOUR TIMES the amount we had
previously tithed. So just put this image in your mind. Joe makes $1000 a month
and he tithes $100. Because of his diligence and joyful giving he’s blessed
with a raise or new job with an increase of $400 a month. This pushes his
salary from $12,000 to $16,800 a year. Now I wouldn’t dare limit the Lord!! So
don’t believe that He will bless you in this limited capacity. When we were
preparing this message, He told me, "That 10% this year could be
equivalent to 1% next year." In other words, if you tithed $1000
diligently this year from your $10,000 salary, He could blessed you with a
$100,000 salary to tithe $10,000 next year. I don’t know about you but I have
no problem receiving this type of miracle from God.

So children of God you have to tithe (and it’s best that it come from your
first fruit) to your local church because the tithe is the key to your miracle.
Before you send this e-mail to the "waste basket" on your screen (those
of you receiving by e-mail) or throw it in the physical waste basket (those of
you receiving by mail), ask yourself this question… "What do Eddie &
Veronica get from us tithing to our local church?" One major benefit —
Blessings. We get praise reports from members telling us how much a message has
blessed them, and that’s why we are here. We’ve had all sorts of supernatural
events happen to us. In one case we’ve experience SUPERNATURAL DEBT

Many of you may know what this is but for those who don’t we’ll briefly
explain. Supernatural debt cancellation may occur when you receive money from a
very unexpected situation (we can’t say unexpected source because the source is
God) or when a debt is just eliminated out of the blue. Example, what if you
called a creditor for a pay-off balance and he told you, "Sir/Madam, that
account is closed with a ZERO balance." Or what if just one day you
received enough money to pay off a debt or ALL of your debts? The key to all of
this is your tithe.

We aren’t asking you to sow into our ministry; God’s paying us through
supernatural blessings, and trust me we will be sharing them with you really,
really, really soon. What we are sharing with you is how to get the blessing
God has for you. We still don’t know why so many people are seeing God as
"The Get By God" –all of this coming up the rough side of the
mountain garbage!!

Any time you see God show up in the Bible, you see God show out!!!! Look at
these miracles: Even when He’s given a little to work with, He will show
abundance — Show Up God & Show Out!!! When He became flesh and was made
into Christ and had to feed 5000 & 4000 with very little, He still had
something left over — Show Up and Show Out!!!! When the widow woman was about
to lose everything and she turned to the man of God for godly advice, He not
only paid her debt but gave her enough to retire on [2 Kings 4:1-7] – Three
words– SUPERNATURAL DEBT CANCELLATION – Oooooooh Abundant God!!! Show Up God
and Show Out!!! (See Message "Out of Gas" @ Http://

Also before you give your tithes you need to pray over them. It’s good if
others pray over your tithes, but YOU need to do this as well. If you don’t
know what to say, here is a prayer for your tithes:

Father, In the Name of Jesus, I thank you for this tithe and I know that it
is holy and pleasing to you. I know that it is you who gave it to me so that I
could give it back to you. Lord, I joyfully give, knowing that it will benefit
your kingdom. I stand on your promises and I command this tithe to multiply,
releasing overflowing blessings and prosperity in my life. Father, because of
my diligence and faithfulness over a few things you can make me a steward over
many and I thank you for the manifold increase today. I thank you for the
increased wealth and my increased stewardship today. I thank you for allowing
this tithe to be my 10% today and my 1% tomorrow. I thank you for the blessing
of the tithe and all of your manifestations to come because of this good and
perfect gift you have allowed me to give. In the name of the Father, Son &
Holy Spirit – Amen.

Remember the tithe should be 10% off the top of everything – before bills,
before taxes, before everything — Right where God should be. So step out on
faith and put God first, so He can Show Up & Show Out in your lives!!