This is your season! – Part II

August 20, 2004

This is your season! – Part II

Romans 8:31 – “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”

From this week’s text, the question that arises is, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” Surely, we wonder, who has the audacity to stand against us during our season. The season that God will allow us to walk in after sowing in tears, because His word says there is a time that we must reap in joy! The season that we have long awaited by standing firmly on the word of God when everything else around us was crumbling. During satanic attacks on our families, finances, and friends, when it seemed there was no hope, we held the faith. And now that our season is underway, the question posed is, “who can be against us?” Shockingly enough, it could very well be one of the people closest to you.

Yes, child of God, what you must understand is that as God delivers you from the thing you are in, jealousy creeps into that relationship that you once had with the family member, co-worker, and possibly that prayer partner. Just when you thought they had your back, they turned their back. And the biggest atrocity is when these people are Christians. As long as you had a problem, you had a partner. As long as you needed someone to call on, you had a confidant. But now, when all you want to do is praise God, there is a problem. And during this time, you never thought the “who” can be against you was that person “who” was close to you. Sure, you saw the co-worker who didn’t know Christ being against you, but you didn’t see the person who always treated you nicely in church against you.

But it’s most important to remember that we should minster effectively and efficiently to these people as well—-regardless. If they are consumed by a spirit of jealousy, it is our job to remind them of two things. First, where the blessing came from, and second, that the Blesser is not a respecter of persons. The problem with jealous Christians is they don’t understand enough how God operates. Well, here is one example of how He does, and I’m sure it will bless you.

Currently there is a house for sell in our community for $225,000. Now if you purchased your house during the initial phase of construction, you paid $130,000 or a little over that. If that house sells for the listed price, guess what happens to all the other houses in the community? — they go up in value. Now saying that, wouldn’t anyone from our community look foolish standing out front of that house picketing with signs saying, “Don’t buy this house… You’re paying too much.” To tell you my business, every day that I pass that house, I speak to it and say only one word… “SELL!” Because my blessing is tied to that house. If they sell their house at that price, the value of my house goes up. If God blesses one of His children with debt cancellation, health, restoration, financial increase, or deliverance from drugs, then He will do the same for any of the other children that are His. It is not His desire for us to be jealous of each other but instead to be “fitly-joined” together because our blessings are interconnected.

So as you run into the Christian who is sipping on “Hater-Aid,” remind him/her that the same God that brought you out will bring him/her out. The same God that “increased you” will surely increase them. The same God that has delivered you will deliver them. And the same God that made this “Your Season” will make this their season as well.