To All My Friends Named Nicole

November 10, 2022

To all my friends named Nicole!
In the midst of this storm (named Nicole) Florida has gotten some much needed rain. And it’s a reminder to me that the gifts in side of you are so needed to refresh, revive, and renew those around you.
You’re a person who has the ability to change the atmosphere around you and can brighten any corner. The talents inside of you can not stay dormant or hidden and better is unavoidable whenever you’re around.
This started this morning when I ran into my dear friend at Sam’s, Nicole Jackson. She’s a game changer and total catapulted my day into overdrive through the divine re-acquaintance in the parking lot.
To all “my friends” Nicole, this is a mere reminder that the world needs you. It is a dry, desolate and dying place without you. But because of you life, springs forth and you are the blessing that heaven sent here on assignment to fulling the immortal words of Jesus, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven!”
So go one “Nicole the Storm” and Storm the world for the Kingdom because Heaven knows we need you!!!