Total Crossover Mentality

December 30, 2000

Total Crossover Mentality – Part I


Psalms 105:37 – 
 He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not
one feeble person among their tribes.


Before the new year begins, we want to take the time to
thank God for all He has done in our lives and yours as well.  We thank Him for the many blessings that He
has bestowed upon us and for bringing us safely through the year thus far.  We all have gone through our trials and
tribulations, losses and pain, yet God has still been faithful through it all,
so we simply say — Thank you!  For all
You’ve done and most of all for who You are — Thank you!  Thank you for being El Shaddai, God
Almighty, in our every circumstance and situation.  Without You, Lord, we definitely would not be where we are and
especially on our way to where we are going. 


So where are we headed in 2001?  To the land of “more than enough!”  The Spirit of God has placed one word in my spirit for 2001 —
RELEASE!  This word keeps coming to me
over and over and over again.


This is what the Spirit of God
says:    In this year, I desire to
release the captives from the strongholds keeping them from their
liberties.  If they seek freedom then
they must seek me.  I am more than
willing to loose my children from the enemy’s devices if they simply seek me to
free them.  I earnestly yearn to destroy
every demonic work in their lives. 
Strongholds of fear — Gone! 
Strongholds of depression — Gone!  Strongholds of insecurity — Gone! 
If you bring them to me, I will destroy them.  My kingdom must  advance
because there is much work to do in these last days.  And because of this, my anointing is going to be more prevalent
than ever before.  Miracles will be
right before your very eyes and I will show myself strongly in those of you who
loose that which needs to be loosed.  I
will keep this, my word to you, if you would just yield to me and let me change
you into that which I have always desired you to be.


Going into 2001, we can’t be double-fisted and twisted
because we’ll miss it.  In other words,
we can’t keep holding on with both hands (double-fisted) to our demons,
strongholds, ways, traditions, rituals, thangs, stuff, issues, habits and
hobbies expecting a supernatural breakthrough. 
That’s twisted thinking — expecting a release from the old junk while
holding on to it.  One thing about
getting a release is you have to release something to get it!  We’ve got to let go of the thing in order to
get released from the thing!


Our text gives us a description of how God brought Israel
(His children) out of Egypt (their bondage). 
It also tells us how He desires to release us from every stronghold in
our lives.  Our scripture states, “He
brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble
person among their tribes” (Psalms 105:37). 
Let’s look at the first part of this scripture.


Psalms 105:37(a) – “He brought them
forth also with silver and gold.”


Now how did you think El Shaddai was going to bring them/us
out — BROKE?!   No, He brought them out
with money, honey!  I mean, let’s just
think about this for a moment.  Here
were some folk going through as much hell as they could go through, and then
God delivered them.  In all honesty they
had to have some money because they couldn’t be singing, shouting and praising
God and then turn to their buddies and say, “By the way.  Now that I’m released from all this
hell…  can I get $5.00 for gas
money?”  Come on now!  That’s an imbalance.  Unfortunately, some people feel that God
will bring them out and they will still be lacking; however, the rest of the
scripture informs us that this is not true.


Psalms 105:37(b) – “and there was
not one feeble person among their tribes.”


The Hebrew word for feeble means “one who stumbled,
staggered, fainted, fell, became weak, seduced or led astray.”  In short it means “one who was physically
hindered or ruined,” but it also means “one who was figuratively ruined.”  So this word “feeble” doesn’t just cover the
physical man, but the spiritual, mental and financial man as well.  If you don’t feel a shout coming on then
I’ll just shout by myself!  When we are
brought out, we aren’t coming out just in one area but in all areas.  We aren’t going to be flourishing physically
and floundering spiritually or vice versa. 
We are going to get the WHOLE enchilada!


So what is it going to take on our part to get to the land
of “more than enough?”   The TOTAL
crossover mentality.  I didn’t say the
crossover mentality.  I said the TOTAL
crossover mentality.  There is a
difference.  You see, most of us have
the crossover mentality.  Most of us
desire better and don’t want to stay on cruise control.  But when the going gets rough, those with
the crossover mentality start blazing a trail back to where they used to
be.  They don’t feel like toughing it
out and walking out the entire faith walk. 
In other words, the crossover mentality is doable as long as the person
can do it.  But when things are beyond
his/her control, that’s when the person chooses to bailout.  This is why some don’t finish the
faith-based journey.


Now the TOTAL crossover mentality is when no matter what
you’re going through, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter how your
situation looks or is, you are just double-doggone sho’nuff for real ain’t
going back!   It doesn’t matter how long
you’ve been praying and believing for the breakthrough you ain’t going back.  Not even if yo’ mama herself tells you,
“Baby there is no hope left;”  You ain’t
going back because you know that the only thing “back” there for you is
hardship, hell and hand baskets.  And
since none of them are worth anything to NASDAQ, they definitely aren’t worth
anything to you.


Now, I’m going to give you an example of some folk who had
the crossover mentality but not the Total crossover mentality.  Guess who they were?  The children of Israel.  The same people that God was sending to the
Promised Land without need, want or lack had only the crossover mentality, and
it killed them in the end.


Numbers 14th
Chapter:  26 And
the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying, 27 How
long shall I bear with this evil congregation, which murmur against me? I have
heard the murmurings of the children of Israel, which they murmur against me. 28 Say
unto them, As truly as I live, saith the LORD, as ye have spoken in mine ears,
so will I do to you: 29 Your carcases shall fall in this
wilderness; and all that were numbered of you, according to your whole number,
from twenty years old and upward, which have murmured against me,


If we look at Numbers 14:29(a) we will see a total
difference from our text, Psalms 105:37(b):


Numbers 14:29(a) – “ Your
carcases shall fall in this wilderness;”

105:37(b) – “and there was not one feeble person among their tribes.”


Why do these scriptures show a difference in the well-being
of the children of Israel?  Because
after they got out of bondage, some of them had doubt!  The ones who had doubt didn’t have the TOTAL
package.  When it got rough, they wanted
to head back to the hardship, hell, and hand baskets.   Also because they didn’t have the TOTAL package, their crossing
over was actually extended, and for most it was extinguished.  If they had been completely dedicated to going
into the land of “more than enough” then they surely would have seen their
Promised Land. 


So this year here is our faith confession:


In 2001, we will enter into the land of “more than
enough.”  We no longer look to the past,
but instead we look toward the promise. 
We no longer focus on the problems; we keep before us the promises
because our God, El Shaddai, is God Almighty over every situation, and He loves
us too much to keep us in the land of “just enough.”  Therefore, we will see the land of “more than enough.”  No demon in hell can hold us back because
our God is with us.  No stronghold will
keep us back because our God will destroy every stronghold by His spirit.  No circumstance will keep us down and no
situation will trip us up.  There will be
NO feeble among us because El Shaddai has proclaimed us whole in every
area.  The land of “more than enough” is
our, so we take it violently!  We don’t
barter with hell to get it, and we don’t bargain with the devil to enter
it!  We take it because it’s ours!  And by Jesus Christ, High Priest of our
profession and confession, we bind our heavenly destiny to be actual, factual,
incorruptible, indestructible—the truth which sets the captives free and the
terror which puts hell in a panic!—-because we are going into the land of
“more than enough” and our mentality is the TOTAL CROSSOVER MENTALITY!!