Your Testimony

November 4, 2005

Your Testimony Matters!

Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Two Sundays ago, our associate pastor gave his testimony about the time he could not find his grill cover. He tore up the garage, looked around the house, but still could not find this item he so desperately needed.

   Finally, the Holy Spirit told him, “Ask me.”
   In obedience, he sarcastically responded, “O.K. Holy Spirit, where is the grill cover?”
   The Holy Spirit replied, “On the back porch.”

Sure enough, that was where he found the grill cover!

Of course, the entire congregation thought this testimony was quite humorous; some may have even thought it was trivial. But to me, that testimony really mattered, for just nine days later, I would need to apply it to my own situation.

This past Tuesday, I had to take the children to school. Because I was rushing, trying to get everyone and all of their belongings herded into the truck, we were well on our way before I realized that I didn’t have my organizer or my cell phone. After dropping off my oldest child, Veresia, I went back home and found my cell phone, but I still could not find my organizer. I checked the truck again and did another quick run-through of the house – – – still no organizer. At this point, I was a little frustrated. If I would have had time, I probably would have torn the house upside down, but I really needed to get the boys to school.

As I began my drive, I kept wondering where in the world that organizer could be. Not only did it contain important numbers and dates but also my personal and business check books. Where could it be? Then I remembered our associate pastor’s testimony.

Without hesitation, I said to the Holy Spirit, “O.K. Holy Spirit, tell me where my organizer is.” At that very moment, my phone rang.

    I picked it up and said, “Hello.”

   The voice on the other end said, “Yes… How are you?”
   I replied, “Fine, and you?”
   He then said, “Fine thanks… I have this black thingy, and it has your phone number in it.”
   I started laughing, “Yeah… That’s my organizer. Where in the world are you?”

The gentleman went on to give me his location and explained that a member of his construction crew found the organizer in the middle of the highway. Even though it had been run over, it was still in good shape. Happily, I drove to the construction site and picked up my organizer.

I shared this story with you to let you know that your testimony matters. Our text tells us that we can overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) AND by the word of our testimony.
Even the enemy knows that there is significant power in your testimony; he knows that your testimony tears down his kingdom and nullifies the works he intended to do.

So go out and tell your story whenever, wherever, and however God tells you to tell it. Know that your testimony can be the exact word the brother or sister sitting on the pew in front of you needs. Tell it, tell it, tell it because your testimony matters!